today was all about gifts! One after another! I’l go in chronological order !
i was so so happy ‘hyped’ as Harriet described it !
to come home to this! My dear talented friend Harriet sent me this really cute gift and the little cup has my name on it, was so lovely. 🙂
I dont know whats inside yet Im waiting for Xmas morning to open it but I’m sure it will be awesome. Love u loads Harriet xxx
Next up!!!
Lorna My other amazing fabulous brave friend had a baby girl Meave 9 pounds!
Im so proud of her and really cant wait to see her, its such a blessing to have a precious little baby at this time I know the labour was tough her strength is admiralable.
I cant wait to see baby Meave Clare.
Last but certainly not least Edel (i know HER Again!) I know I share alot about her it may seem obsessive but its because of all her advice help & mostly healing. She aids all the goodness /creativity/ strength I experience the most incredible sensations, the warmth her healing energy.
Anyway Recently She has created her own pendants but these have a difference, as far as We are aware their is no where else creating these ! cool or what!
I am lucky enough to have received one! Arc Michael Is truely a wonderful gift as
the energy is with u all the time protecting you. so grateful indeed!
heres a link to her website… go check her out and see these beautiful pieces of work.

I also got a new print for myself ‘Believe i Magic in your time of crisis’ (the above print)

check out for some awesome artwork 🙂


introverted & its okay.. :-)


I thought I was weird for so long, shy, anti social, I couldnt accept I’m introverted atal always wanting to change and be ‘Out there’…

I enjoy solitude being alone with my thoughts,creating, thinking about ideas,etc..

I always found being around groups of people so so difficult and have had just a few close trustworthy friends. I dont like pubs/clubs, the noise boundaries being pushed shouting over music and so on, even writing this is giving me a horrible feeling.

Being aroud people uses up My enegy, when I have conversations with people I engage and listen and answer deeply. I have never been able to engage in ‘chit chat’. I thought for so many years there was something wrong with me, many times i  was called a weirdo, loner, but I can acccept it now and when I look back I behaved to fit in, be something Im not. I’ve come across this writer Susan Cain & her talk on ted was powerful for me.


il definitly be reading her book in the future.

Domed Rainbow Buttons


IMG_0928Domed Rainbow Buttons

I really love these , I like the domed effect & how clear they are.
I took the photo right beside the window so to the right of it is the reflection from the door
its completly clear just the gorgeous colours of the buttons.
It comes with a silver chain 18″ in length. Sits right over collarbone 🙂
Splash of pretty colours.

White little charms

IMG_0931Ive been making these cute little charmsv  cute  white angels & pretty white flowers.



I was happy with the detail especially the angel.


I just wanted to share a picture of the pieces packaged.Image

I made these packaging with washi tape, at the back there is a description of the necklace how it was made etc.. I like to put as much as I can  in these as its easier to organise but boxes are available too.

by the sea

IMG_0916IMG_0922i have been working on this for a few weeks now, the idea was in My mind and today the weathers been really crap, I got out for a short 30 minute walk 😦 I was looking through photos of the past year Came across a these photos of Mallinbeg up in Donegal. It is definitly My favourite beach in Ireland. When I arrived i was like a kid inner child always comes out flying near the sea

ImageMallinbeg beach Co.Donegal.

I was day dreaming looking at the drips on my window which is quite medititive for me, The necklace was coming in and out of my mind..

So 4 hours later here it is.



i embedded text ‘sea’ & tiny sea shell into bezel & sealed it it has a glossy finish.

The necklace looks really random but its far from that! I wanted to achevie a really natural look

I used coral branches, the more rugid and rough the better! i love these beads there so organic

and look amazing. I made a separate pendant element to the piece I didnt want the necklace to have a simple look, it balanced with the use of each bead, I used My favourite howlite , wooden rondelles, lots of coral amazing metal textured beads, cocunut spacers, turqoise & silver bali spacers.


Balancing Chakra

Ive been thinking about this for a weeks now and Sunday I spoke to someone about balancing chakras, when there imbalanced the symptoms and so on. I thought it was a nice idea to create this with quartz inside. I painted a watercolour to get the colour I see alot during diff therapys, i added the chakra symbol and sealed. Then i cut quartz stone into tiny chips i wanted it to look like they surrounded her. Its hard to see in this picture, the day light may show clearer. Its a strong and powerful image. Im pleased with result.Balancing chakra

this comes with a silver 18″ chain