Pretty flowers forever

Dried fernIt took alot of experimenting to get this right, I dried the pansy’s & daisies last September.

There hardy flowers,when fresh; daisies, last so long in a vase.

Recently In the Woods There were so many beautiful plants, trees,its endless really,knowing what will work in a piece of jewellery touching feeling thinking & so on is a blessing and you feel so connected to the earth. Honestly i never want to leave.!  I had planned to go there today but there is a blanket of snow outside, Im assuming the Woods are covered too.


real dried pansie

the pansy in the light., they all look as though they have a face? sometimes i feel guilty picking them and all the other leafs i take home after being out..

fern et pansy

can u see it?


here ive taking a photo so you can see how it would look over a top, dress, etc…

i like how simply it is.

Daisy in a heart

Daisy in a heart. so so pretty.  I have many happy memorys that make me smile of when i was little girl, My sister thats older than me, gosh I adored her! i still do but anyway She always used to make me daisy chains and bracelets with the little daisys that grew in Our back garden. I would treasure My chain and be heart broken when they withered! She always made me another, so much patience…..

Il try it on soon & post a picture of how the daisy chain looks on,

I have one pansy chain, 1 fern chain & 2 daisy chains available.

there on a 20″ silver plated chain with lobster clasp & are 40mm excluding bail.


Daisy close up

Closer photo of daisy. x


All is well

I am so lucky to have my car and escape to the countryside when I feel I need some fresh air and peace, I love walking through the woods especially, i found a new place Derrycassin Woods recently, its beautiful, with many walkways, a lake, old ruins  and its sheltered which is fantastic with the weather lately.

All is well

When I am in the woods I sit and just be, in the moment also near  water i feel so at ease and could stay there forever, true scorpio!


so many ideas come to mind


one of many bridges in the woods

Some of the native  plants

Which inspired some other new work il share soon

This piece is basically the memory of My first visit there, that good feeling being at peace. 🙂

all is well close up








I get my inspiration from many sources,memories,the countryside  with this it was a musician,her voice is touching, its hard to describe but u get this warm feeling inside listening to really good music, id describe her voice as timeless classic and  her style is truly unique.


I used lace here with two tiny pearls sewn into it. I love how elegant and natural the lady is,  I dont actually know the photographer 😦

i have so many old photos, books, magazines : A lot are taking apart, cut out and in boxes from  previous collages,  I really should organise things. As I have concern around using someone elses image and not naming them…….???

The setting is silver plated, it measures 60 mm in length, it comes with a 20″ silver plated chain with lobster clasp.


Shabby Chic Part 2…

Today has been a really diffcult day,Upset and sad emotions Im literally going against all of My being to get away from a situation I have no control over whatsoever thats always such huge part  problems for me realising that I cant do anything. Have to just wait and see what the outcome  is. Patience has never been a strength within me,My mind keeps going back to the pain and It upsets me.

Many tears today, I battle with it as when growing up I was told ‘dont cry stop crying etc etc’ like many people, but it helps to let it out when I do I feel better and the place is flooded! Hopefully all will be how its supposed to be ..which is crap really if its bad news My heart will be broken So it will be positive. I deserve that…….

Anyway Heres some more Shabby Chic


Vintage paper in a black cameo setting with pearls, gems, pink rose on a silver chain.

Image the window is reflected on her face apologies…. I take photos in as natural light as possible.

Audrey … one of the most beautiful iconic women who did great work for charity you all know it……i hope…

I cant ever see any of these so called icons of today ever being remembered in the same way. Today, The celebrities who are obsessed by society (OK HELLO NOW etc magazines which are an absolute waste of shelve space and should be banned !)

are all boring plastic and look the same. None of them actually have anything valuble or relevant to say. If they do contribute to society or charity theres always an alterior motive never genuine.

Rant over…..!

I places 2 quartz stones clear & rose on the bronze vintage style cameo surround. It has an 18 ” bronze chain with lobster clasp. 🙂


I love how glossy this piece is i used vintage paper  with ‘gratitude’ being the word  i wanted to stand out & the sparkly dragonfly charm its set in a silver plated surround which is 60 mm in length.


Thanks to all My new followers & visitors I dont know who any of you are Im afraid no individual shout outs today!!  but Im grateful of your time to pass by.


‘Trust the process of Life’

This quote means alot to me, especially over the past few weeks there have been quite alot of changes in My life, with change comes pain unfortuntely but its growth so its positive My ego fights & trys to take over and have me suffer, staying present is what always works.

After Xmas I found it hard to get back into a routine, I did feel lonely and also was detaching from a relationship which wasnt healthy for me. I sent an email one morning to a friend in Mexico and was telling her how I was and so on, As I said goodbye  i noticed a book Louise Hay, one of her affirmation short books I  honestly hadnt thought of her in many years, I do remember the person who gave me it, She was a significant and special lady that helped me alot, soooo anyway I started reading it later I went into My little work room and came up with this

Trust the process of life

‘Trust the process of life’

I really love the texture the beauty in all the flowers and the setting completes it.

Back to the e mail I mentioned!

later that evening I checked My emails and My friend had replyed and sent me a link to the book I had just picked up by Louise Hay.. ! Coincedence? no not atal…

I dont believe its chance. Its beauty and powerful , i want to create My reality & be surrounded by beauty , warm people and feed My soul and reach My destiny, for sure I’m on the right path!



Real Dried Chrysanthemums in Vintage Setting

I really love these yellow flowers, so pretty and makes me smile. They are set with  butterfly charm in a vintage style bronze setting and have an 18 inche chain with lobster clasp.

This flower is set inside forever , so when your days are dull & grey you can wear it with a smile 🙂

this piece is 20 euro plus p & p.