Little More Shabby

IMG_2726silver bezel with pearls

IMG_2664 (2)


Pressed Roses set in glass below







IMG_2280 believe

just some of the work ive been creating


camera troubles again!

so much more to come, am in a flow.

ciao all my lovely friends sending u all lots of love /peace.


love this quote for the day.

just right, a butterfly flew right into My kitchen today and i just watched and smiled!






All is well

I am so lucky to have my car and escape to the countryside when I feel I need some fresh air and peace, I love walking through the woods especially, i found a new place Derrycassin Woods recently, its beautiful, with many walkways, a lake, old ruins  and its sheltered which is fantastic with the weather lately.

All is well

When I am in the woods I sit and just be, in the moment also near  water i feel so at ease and could stay there forever, true scorpio!


so many ideas come to mind


one of many bridges in the woods

Some of the native  plants

Which inspired some other new work il share soon

This piece is basically the memory of My first visit there, that good feeling being at peace. 🙂

all is well close up