I am having trouble today with my pc I had a really long description written & it got lost..So here We go again….
I really am happy with how this pendant turned out. I walk alot with my best friend, through forests , boglands and anywhere I can find that has a beautiful landscape. Its a need for me to get out into nature at least everyday living in town has its benefits but Im a country girl at heart (excuse the cliche)
I need to be out and get peace. It inspires me alot and thus with this piece I wanted to capture the day.
I have my little idea journal with me all the time and a few months ago i found acorns dryed them.
There was also heathers in the distance and the petals had blown away. I dryed all and left them. For a few months I wasnt able to do anything creatively as I mentioned before quite a few times!
Anywa I used blue/green seed beads (sky) green leave (grass) & set the acorn with the petals surrounding it. I really like how it looks and how the acorn is set. Hope u guys are feeling it!


IMG_0861IMG_0860this pendant is really special to me. I mentioned in an earlier blog a friend whos an incredible healer. During many treatments I’ve had with her, the experiences are really out of this World. Some Il keep to myself, but I wanted to incorparate one in a pendant. the scene has everything Inside execpet me of course!
I had been running through this field of purple blossoms and there were butterflys everywhere! it was such a lovely experience.
Daily when I’m around people who suck every bit of energy out of u! (if u allow them)
Teal Scott describes them as energy vampires! Anyway I go back into that World and protect myself. Has to be done. Hope u like it.