Our Lessons come from the journey not the destination

Our Lessons come from the journey not the destination.

Pretty flowers forever

Dried fernIt took alot of experimenting to get this right, I dried the pansy’s & daisies last September.

There hardy flowers,when fresh; daisies, last so long in a vase.

Recently In the Woods There were so many beautiful plants, trees,its endless really,knowing what will work in a piece of jewellery touching feeling thinking & so on is a blessing and you feel so connected to the earth. Honestly i never want to leave.!  I had planned to go there today but there is a blanket of snow outside, Im assuming the Woods are covered too.


real dried pansie

the pansy in the light., they all look as though they have a face? sometimes i feel guilty picking them and all the other leafs i take home after being out..

fern et pansy

can u see it?


here ive taking a photo so you can see how it would look over a top, dress, etc…

i like how simply it is.

Daisy in a heart

Daisy in a heart. so so pretty.  I have many happy memorys that make me smile of when i was little girl, My sister thats older than me, gosh I adored her! i still do but anyway She always used to make me daisy chains and bracelets with the little daisys that grew in Our back garden. I would treasure My chain and be heart broken when they withered! She always made me another, so much patience…..

Il try it on soon & post a picture of how the daisy chain looks on,

I have one pansy chain, 1 fern chain & 2 daisy chains available.

there on a 20″ silver plated chain with lobster clasp & are 40mm excluding bail.


Daisy close up

Closer photo of daisy. x

All is well

I am so lucky to have my car and escape to the countryside when I feel I need some fresh air and peace, I love walking through the woods especially, i found a new place Derrycassin Woods recently, its beautiful, with many walkways, a lake, old ruins  and its sheltered which is fantastic with the weather lately.

All is well

When I am in the woods I sit and just be, in the moment also near  water i feel so at ease and could stay there forever, true scorpio!


so many ideas come to mind


one of many bridges in the woods

Some of the native  plants

Which inspired some other new work il share soon

This piece is basically the memory of My first visit there, that good feeling being at peace. 🙂

all is well close up








I get my inspiration from many sources,memories,the countryside  with this it was a musician,her voice is touching, its hard to describe but u get this warm feeling inside listening to really good music, id describe her voice as timeless classic and  her style is truly unique.


I used lace here with two tiny pearls sewn into it. I love how elegant and natural the lady is,  I dont actually know the photographer 😦

i have so many old photos, books, magazines : A lot are taking apart, cut out and in boxes from  previous collages,  I really should organise things. As I have concern around using someone elses image and not naming them…….???

The setting is silver plated, it measures 60 mm in length, it comes with a 20″ silver plated chain with lobster clasp.


Playing Cupid!


Playing Cupid!

I’ve been playing cupid for couples.
These pet names couples have for each other. Some are funny & cute the ideas really sweet,i like it so i was asking a few people what they would like…
If i had a partner at the moment
I’d be happy if he/she did this for me or even thought of it!
On the subject, today I met someone whos 85 going on 16! Such a funny charming lady, I was helping her with some necklaces She had that needed new clasps/wire etc.. She cant get them open with arthitris.Id met her last week, It was a magical few hours, The storys She shared one in particular about her husband who passed away 3 days after their 50th Wed Anniversy. Clearly She was still so much in love & missed him dearly still (17 yrs he’s passed away) She showed me all her impressive artwork some of which She made her self using fabric. I felt grateful afterwards trust was there and how open She was with me and her vulnerablilty yet so feisty! (A phone call She recieved and the caller treated her like She was stupid) the way She reacted was briliant! I love that, Elderly withy men & women. You learn and have so much craic!
Oh about male/female pendants, I waffle alot ! My text messages are also like essays too!
I heard a story about a young man who has been on his own for 7 years, he had been in love with a girl and after a 6 year relationship She ended it. He was heartbroken. For months he became depressed but eventually got over it and moved on with life. Then he heard that She was in a new relationship, this time her partner was female. He was so shocked, ‘wasnt the same’ (the words used) basically hasnt been with a girl since & freezes up whenever he’s around any females.
I’m not judging atal, hope it doesnt come across this way. I really feel for him, it must have been so hard but u do have to move on. I am assuming its because of the area he’s from, people can be so so small minded and hurtful, their so insecure in themselves and have never really been anywhere or worked on themselves that its just natural to judge and slag people about their sexuality. So Be it s,bi,l,g, watever…. if u love someone fuck what anyone else thinks,go for it & if in the process someone gets depressed etc.. thats their stuff.
This posts for all u lovers out ! 'adoreable'Isnt She lovely




I am having trouble today with my pc I had a really long description written & it got lost..So here We go again….
I really am happy with how this pendant turned out. I walk alot with my best friend, through forests , boglands and anywhere I can find that has a beautiful landscape. Its a need for me to get out into nature at least everyday living in town has its benefits but Im a country girl at heart (excuse the cliche)
I need to be out and get peace. It inspires me alot and thus with this piece I wanted to capture the day.
I have my little idea journal with me all the time and a few months ago i found acorns dryed them.
There was also heathers in the distance and the petals had blown away. I dryed all and left them. For a few months I wasnt able to do anything creatively as I mentioned before quite a few times!
Anywa I used blue/green seed beads (sky) green leave (grass) & set the acorn with the petals surrounding it. I really like how it looks and how the acorn is set. Hope u guys are feeling it!

bronze pendant


bronze pendant

I just wanted to share this with you, its a Xmas gift I made for a friend. I used a really bright blue , added some tiny gems and old text from a french/english dictionary & sealed it. As u can see it has a glossy finish catching the light from the window on the right side of the piece.