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I’m a jewellery designer and mixed media artist living in Ireland. I am inspired by nature, special moments, all things vintage and so much more. i dabble in all things creative especially jewellery making. I’m blogging about this journey with its ups and downs. I hope u enjoy the process.

Introverts Explained: Why We Love You But Need to Get Away From You

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Woman-walking-away-from-man umbrella

I am told our desire to get away from everyone every now and again and again is perplexing and sometimes painful to extroverts. They don’t understand how we could enjoy being alone, period. Even more confusing, we sometimes choose to be away from people we really like.

The truth is we see all people as stimulation and potential energy sucks. Sorry.  It doesn’t matter if you make us laugh until we wet our pants or we find you so attractive we agree to make babies with you (or at least practice). We will need a break from you.  We even need a break from other introverts, but speaking only for myself, not as often.

What Happens If We Don’t Get Our Space?

The other day I heard a fun-loving morning show radio host say she needs to be in the house alone often in order to be civil.  Having someone…

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