Incredible 3D Sculptural Art Painted Layer by Layer



Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori creates incredible three-dimensional artwork by applying acrylic paint on multiple layers of transparent liquid resin. The resin is mixed with a hardener or catalyst, allowing Riusuke to paint each successive layer (similar to a 3D printer), eventually creating a ‘sculptural painting’ that can be viewed at various angles and vantage points. The time-consuming technique gives his work incredible depth and realism.

The artist also uses more traditional painting skills to enhance the 3D effect. These include representations of shading and reflection, feathering soft edges, controlling the opacity of the paint to include semi-transparent areas, and using the textures of the paint and brush work to mimic the natural veining and fine structures of the goldfish and flora he represents. The overall effect is “photorealistic”, akin to a full colour hologram. [Source]

Riusuke debuted his wonderful…

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Summer Collection

Ive been back ‘beading’ all week, back aching every evening but worth it.

After a gorgeous Sunday in Strandhill beach , lots of inspiration and also I got a spot in Galway every month which I’m over the moon about.

Was really good to be back where I started and also seeing the progression. Here are just a few of the photos of what I’ve been creating.

SILVER SPACERS USED AS EAR RING FOCALI Love using beads which by the ‘rules’ as supposed to be used in a different way, pushing boundaries, i have 5 jewellery making magazines in my house that i got off a guy second hand! i refuse to buy them but I have looked through them for ideas but really Nothing inside ever touches me also lately the conditioning of society past etc Our imagination and creative process … has been influenced alot by it.

i have had a huge block painting and that bothers me alot, to just surrender and do it.

Back a few years ago, for many months i was away had no internet, t.v. , etc etc i made at least 40 paintings all the size of bread boards! was also in an exhibition when I look back at that time its amazing really.

i long to be back in that flow with my painting..;-(

howlite, turq, leave charm.. love these


IMG_2023upcycled rosary beads & music notes was thinking about Galway alot..

vintage necklace i adore this its elegant and simple sits beautifully.

customised for a wedding necklace set

in paris…:-)

lastly a custom frame

with my handmade flowers (sorry bad photo)