today was all about gifts! One after another! I’l go in chronological order !
i was so so happy ‘hyped’ as Harriet described it !
to come home to this! My dear talented friend Harriet sent me this really cute gift and the little cup has my name on it, was so lovely. 🙂
I dont know whats inside yet Im waiting for Xmas morning to open it but I’m sure it will be awesome. Love u loads Harriet xxx
Next up!!!
Lorna My other amazing fabulous brave friend had a baby girl Meave 9 pounds!
Im so proud of her and really cant wait to see her, its such a blessing to have a precious little baby at this time I know the labour was tough her strength is admiralable.
I cant wait to see baby Meave Clare.
Last but certainly not least Edel (i know HER Again!) I know I share alot about her it may seem obsessive but its because of all her advice help & mostly healing. She aids all the goodness /creativity/ strength I experience the most incredible sensations, the warmth her healing energy.
Anyway Recently She has created her own pendants but these have a difference, as far as We are aware their is no where else creating these ! cool or what!
I am lucky enough to have received one! Arc Michael Is truely a wonderful gift as
the energy is with u all the time protecting you. so grateful indeed!
heres a link to her website… go check her out and see these beautiful pieces of work.

I also got a new print for myself ‘Believe i Magic in your time of crisis’ (the above print)

check out for some awesome artwork 🙂