‘Trust the process of Life’

This quote means alot to me, especially over the past few weeks there have been quite alot of changes in My life, with change comes pain unfortuntely but its growth so its positive My ego fights & trys to take over and have me suffer, staying present is what always works.

After Xmas I found it hard to get back into a routine, I did feel lonely and also was detaching from a relationship which wasnt healthy for me. I sent an email one morning to a friend in Mexico and was telling her how I was and so on, As I said goodbye  i noticed a book Louise Hay, one of her affirmation short books I  honestly hadnt thought of her in many years, I do remember the person who gave me it, She was a significant and special lady that helped me alot, soooo anyway I started reading it later I went into My little work room and came up with this

Trust the process of life

‘Trust the process of life’

I really love the texture the beauty in all the flowers and the setting completes it.

Back to the e mail I mentioned!

later that evening I checked My emails and My friend had replyed and sent me a link to the book I had just picked up by Louise Hay.. ! Coincedence? no not atal…

I dont believe its chance. Its beauty and powerful , i want to create My reality & be surrounded by beauty , warm people and feed My soul and reach My destiny, for sure I’m on the right path!



simple elegant glass magic !

I really love these glass globes, the possibiltes are endless! Il share one for now.

Imagedelicate real dried flowers carefully set inside, As you can see in the photo above, In the silver piece I added delicate gold leaf to the dried heather,


You can see the tiny specks of gold throughout the heather,



the chains are silver choice of 18 or 20 inches with an extender and lobster clasp.


custom order for a sister

Recently  a really good friend of mine has had quite alot of pain in his family, His parents had an accident and really their lucky to be alive. Family is so important and for me when My Dad was very ill last year It brought us all so much closer. He asked me to make this for his sister for Xmas gift. He Wanted it simple and like the one I had made before for friend.He wanted the same surround & sister embedded. The paper & text are different ( so Its not the exact same) I dont want to make the same piece in custom orders ever the same.

Its a pleasure & I’m blessed to be trusted to do this. Image