Tranquil Times


Gratitude Forgiveness Acceptance


Magical dreaming little land,

fairy is just being surrounded by dandelion wishes & loving the world





IMG_2857fern magic IMG_2854mixed media


IMG_2836little bird flew in to say hello!

got lost in flight…


IMG_2813 IMG_2817 IMG_2858 IMG_2859fairys on the move

this side has beautiful blue chrsyanthium

this side has beautiful blue chrsyanthium

other side this gorgeous vintage pattern  on bronze extra long ball chain

other side this gorgeous vintage pattern
on bronze extra long ball chain

combintaion of sea shells freshwater pearls and starfish on a silver surround

combintaion of sea shells freshwater pearls and starfish on a silver surround

Some new pieces been making

I have been really busy past few weeks with another project, also involved in collective with another artist and film maker. Oh and I’m excited about this little cottage in process, also my painting is back in flow yahee,, its dark raw and i will share when i get courage! nothing like my previous work.

So i havent been posting much recently HERE due to this.

heres just a sample of some of  my new collection available here or through facebook.

I have my work now stocked in 2 new shops, so if intereseted in any please feel free to mail u. Thanks!

this is a gorgeous scene as u can see, i have a glass dome over the illustration, so it pops out, I’m obsessed with butterflys


Cottage in process IMG_2241 IMG_2070 IMG_2232 IMG_2067

Shabby Chic Part 2…

Today has been a really diffcult day,Upset and sad emotions Im literally going against all of My being to get away from a situation I have no control over whatsoever thats always such huge part  problems for me realising that I cant do anything. Have to just wait and see what the outcome  is. Patience has never been a strength within me,My mind keeps going back to the pain and It upsets me.

Many tears today, I battle with it as when growing up I was told ‘dont cry stop crying etc etc’ like many people, but it helps to let it out when I do I feel better and the place is flooded! Hopefully all will be how its supposed to be ..which is crap really if its bad news My heart will be broken So it will be positive. I deserve that…….

Anyway Heres some more Shabby Chic


Vintage paper in a black cameo setting with pearls, gems, pink rose on a silver chain.

Image the window is reflected on her face apologies…. I take photos in as natural light as possible.

Audrey … one of the most beautiful iconic women who did great work for charity you all know it……i hope…

I cant ever see any of these so called icons of today ever being remembered in the same way. Today, The celebrities who are obsessed by society (OK HELLO NOW etc magazines which are an absolute waste of shelve space and should be banned !)

are all boring plastic and look the same. None of them actually have anything valuble or relevant to say. If they do contribute to society or charity theres always an alterior motive never genuine.

Rant over…..!

I places 2 quartz stones clear & rose on the bronze vintage style cameo surround. It has an 18 ” bronze chain with lobster clasp. 🙂


I love how glossy this piece is i used vintage paper  with ‘gratitude’ being the word  i wanted to stand out & the sparkly dragonfly charm its set in a silver plated surround which is 60 mm in length.


Thanks to all My new followers & visitors I dont know who any of you are Im afraid no individual shout outs today!!  but Im grateful of your time to pass by.


‘Trust the process of Life’

This quote means alot to me, especially over the past few weeks there have been quite alot of changes in My life, with change comes pain unfortuntely but its growth so its positive My ego fights & trys to take over and have me suffer, staying present is what always works.

After Xmas I found it hard to get back into a routine, I did feel lonely and also was detaching from a relationship which wasnt healthy for me. I sent an email one morning to a friend in Mexico and was telling her how I was and so on, As I said goodbye  i noticed a book Louise Hay, one of her affirmation short books I  honestly hadnt thought of her in many years, I do remember the person who gave me it, She was a significant and special lady that helped me alot, soooo anyway I started reading it later I went into My little work room and came up with this

Trust the process of life

‘Trust the process of life’

I really love the texture the beauty in all the flowers and the setting completes it.

Back to the e mail I mentioned!

later that evening I checked My emails and My friend had replyed and sent me a link to the book I had just picked up by Louise Hay.. ! Coincedence? no not atal…

I dont believe its chance. Its beauty and powerful , i want to create My reality & be surrounded by beauty , warm people and feed My soul and reach My destiny, for sure I’m on the right path!



simple elegant glass magic !

I really love these glass globes, the possibiltes are endless! Il share one for now.

Imagedelicate real dried flowers carefully set inside, As you can see in the photo above, In the silver piece I added delicate gold leaf to the dried heather,


You can see the tiny specks of gold throughout the heather,



the chains are silver choice of 18 or 20 inches with an extender and lobster clasp.


Balancing Chakra

Ive been thinking about this for a weeks now and Sunday I spoke to someone about balancing chakras, when there imbalanced the symptoms and so on. I thought it was a nice idea to create this with quartz inside. I painted a watercolour to get the colour I see alot during diff therapys, i added the chakra symbol and sealed. Then i cut quartz stone into tiny chips i wanted it to look like they surrounded her. Its hard to see in this picture, the day light may show clearer. Its a strong and powerful image. Im pleased with result.Balancing chakra

this comes with a silver 18″ chain


Playing Cupid!


Playing Cupid!

I’ve been playing cupid for couples.
These pet names couples have for each other. Some are funny & cute the ideas really sweet,i like it so i was asking a few people what they would like…
If i had a partner at the moment
I’d be happy if he/she did this for me or even thought of it!
On the subject, today I met someone whos 85 going on 16! Such a funny charming lady, I was helping her with some necklaces She had that needed new clasps/wire etc.. She cant get them open with arthitris.Id met her last week, It was a magical few hours, The storys She shared one in particular about her husband who passed away 3 days after their 50th Wed Anniversy. Clearly She was still so much in love & missed him dearly still (17 yrs he’s passed away) She showed me all her impressive artwork some of which She made her self using fabric. I felt grateful afterwards trust was there and how open She was with me and her vulnerablilty yet so feisty! (A phone call She recieved and the caller treated her like She was stupid) the way She reacted was briliant! I love that, Elderly withy men & women. You learn and have so much craic!
Oh about male/female pendants, I waffle alot ! My text messages are also like essays too!
I heard a story about a young man who has been on his own for 7 years, he had been in love with a girl and after a 6 year relationship She ended it. He was heartbroken. For months he became depressed but eventually got over it and moved on with life. Then he heard that She was in a new relationship, this time her partner was female. He was so shocked, ‘wasnt the same’ (the words used) basically hasnt been with a girl since & freezes up whenever he’s around any females.
I’m not judging atal, hope it doesnt come across this way. I really feel for him, it must have been so hard but u do have to move on. I am assuming its because of the area he’s from, people can be so so small minded and hurtful, their so insecure in themselves and have never really been anywhere or worked on themselves that its just natural to judge and slag people about their sexuality. So Be it s,bi,l,g, watever…. if u love someone fuck what anyone else thinks,go for it & if in the process someone gets depressed etc.. thats their stuff.
This posts for all u lovers out ! 'adoreable'Isnt She lovely

custom order for a sister

Recently  a really good friend of mine has had quite alot of pain in his family, His parents had an accident and really their lucky to be alive. Family is so important and for me when My Dad was very ill last year It brought us all so much closer. He asked me to make this for his sister for Xmas gift. He Wanted it simple and like the one I had made before for friend.He wanted the same surround & sister embedded. The paper & text are different ( so Its not the exact same) I dont want to make the same piece in custom orders ever the same.

Its a pleasure & I’m blessed to be trusted to do this. Image

Some more


Some more quartz.........

I have had lovely rose quartz in My statsh for quite a while now, I remember a conversation with a friend whos also an incredible healer with an amazing collection of stones it was actually who explained the meaning of some of them. You really need to believe in there healing power . Its not a coincedence, at this time Im using them in My jewllery.