new viral process



Mixed Beads Necklaces

2 of My Mixed Beads Necklaces

After getting sick of facebook, literally but ‘needing’ I suppose to share what I’m doing virally, which in itself is kind of sad……So here goes with this ‘blog’ …..

I’m liking it already no silly status updates coming, no notifications of ‘likes’ that really dont matter , ‘like’ has become the new tool for communication i really detest it..

Back to the ‘blog’

this blog is going to be about me ‘bloggin’ about My creations & what I see in This World.

The creative process within me has changed quite dramatically in the past few weeks, positively & so here I am ! honest as always with very bad language skills..but Im trying.

I never really got that & never want to try and be someone else online.. probably as Its easier to be yourself from behind a screen! the actings for outside…….

Waffle waffle waffle……

I cant do the whole cliche ‘blog’ about jewellery, art , photography like most do…

as I’m super human & create uniqer…….

ENJOY….my World