Some new pieces been making

I have been really busy past few weeks with another project, also involved in collective with another artist and film maker. Oh and I’m excited about this little cottage in process, also my painting is back in flow yahee,, its dark raw and i will share when i get courage! nothing like my previous work.

So i havent been posting much recently HERE due to this.

heres just a sample of some of  my new collection available here or through facebook.

I have my work now stocked in 2 new shops, so if intereseted in any please feel free to mail u. Thanks!

this is a gorgeous scene as u can see, i have a glass dome over the illustration, so it pops out, I’m obsessed with butterflys


Cottage in process IMG_2241 IMG_2070 IMG_2232 IMG_2067


Beautiful Preserved Primrose


Primrose Beautiful Preserved Primrose

This is the only Primrose piece I have, As I was not aware until recently that primroses have become endangered 😦 I showed My friend who is a herbalist & She told me. i felt so guilty as I was picking them out many times for my home, had in vase then withered and out to compost bin. I pressed alot also 😦 But I didnt realise atal.
So really this is for awareness to everyone about them. There endangered species now. It is actually illegal in some places to touch them & bluebells.
Creating the setting, i had that thought in mind to give a vintage tone ,I love how the yellow & bronze combine, but I wont ever be creating with them again!
So enjoy