introverted & its okay.. :-)


I thought I was weird for so long, shy, anti social, I couldnt accept I’m introverted atal always wanting to change and be ‘Out there’…

I enjoy solitude being alone with my thoughts,creating, thinking about ideas,etc..

I always found being around groups of people so so difficult and have had just a few close trustworthy friends. I dont like pubs/clubs, the noise boundaries being pushed shouting over music and so on, even writing this is giving me a horrible feeling.

Being aroud people uses up My enegy, when I have conversations with people I engage and listen and answer deeply. I have never been able to engage in ‘chit chat’. I thought for so many years there was something wrong with me, many times i  was called a weirdo, loner, but I can acccept it now and when I look back I behaved to fit in, be something Im not. I’ve come across this writer Susan Cain & her talk on ted was powerful for me.


il definitly be reading her book in the future.