Summer Collection

Ive been back ‘beading’ all week, back aching every evening but worth it.

After a gorgeous Sunday in Strandhill beach , lots of inspiration and also I got a spot in Galway every month which I’m over the moon about.

Was really good to be back where I started and also seeing the progression. Here are just a few of the photos of what I’ve been creating.

SILVER SPACERS USED AS EAR RING FOCALI Love using beads which by the ‘rules’ as supposed to be used in a different way, pushing boundaries, i have 5 jewellery making magazines in my house that i got off a guy second hand! i refuse to buy them but I have looked through them for ideas but really Nothing inside ever touches me also lately the conditioning of society past etc Our imagination and creative process … has been influenced alot by it.

i have had a huge block painting and that bothers me alot, to just surrender and do it.

Back a few years ago, for many months i was away had no internet, t.v. , etc etc i made at least 40 paintings all the size of bread boards! was also in an exhibition when I look back at that time its amazing really.

i long to be back in that flow with my painting..;-(

howlite, turq, leave charm.. love these


IMG_2023upcycled rosary beads & music notes was thinking about Galway alot..

vintage necklace i adore this its elegant and simple sits beautifully.

customised for a wedding necklace set

in paris…:-)

lastly a custom frame

with my handmade flowers (sorry bad photo)

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